Delia Velekson



School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano

National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Faculty of Painting

Having taken workshops with teachers: Carlos Torrellardona, Oscar Capristo, Aida Carballo, Beatriz Varela Freire, Arrigutti in sculpture, etc.




2010 - Hotel SOFITEL - La Reserva Cardales - Escobar Province of Buenos Aires

            Anthropological Museum Reina Torres de Arauz - Llanos de Curundú - Panama

            Gallery ONE - "Art + Originality" - Panama

2009 - Gallery ONE - "Art + Originality" - Panama

2005 - Classical Art

2004 - Department of Culture of the Municipality of San Isidro - Award Roberto Di Paolo - First Mention

            Classical Art "Invulnerable as the Gods" Homage to Jorge Luis Borges to 20 years after his death

2003 - Centro Cultural Borges - "Tribute to Creativity" "Creative Minds"

2002 - Max Art Gallery - Prague Czech Republic

            Department of Culture of the Municipality of San Isidro - Award Roberto Di Paolo - 2nd Prize

 2001 - Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

 2000 - Art Gallery "Foundation" Santiago de Chile

             Art Fair Costa Salguero

 2000 - Notary Public Association of San Isidro

             Scientific Foundation and Medical Circle of Vicente Lopez

 1999 - Gallery GAN MARC - Girona - Spain

             Multipurpose Cultural Center - Bariloche -. Province of Rio Black

             Cultural center of Rio Gallegos - Santa Cruz Province.

 1998 - Quinta Trabucco "With Culture" - (Group Exhibition)

             Argentine Army Historical Museum


             EDENOR (Single Exposure)

             Leonardo Avalos Contemporary Art Gallery

             Stock Exchange and Comunity College in Mar del Plata

             O.E.A. (Organization of American States) Solo Exhibition

 1997 - O.E.A. (Organization of American States) Solo Exhibition

             Gallery del Sol - South Beach - Miami U.S.A.

             Sheraton Hotel - Expo Seguros 97 Bs.As.

             Argentine Army Historical Museum

             Medical and Scientific Circle Foundation Vicente Lopez

             Honorable Council of the Municipality of Vicente López

             Individual exhibition

 1996 - Argentina Embassy in Belgium

            Argentine Consulate in Belgium

            Galerie Du Nid D'Aigle. Profondeville, Belgium

             Libr art - International Exhibition of Art. Libramont, Chevigni, Belgium

             Represented by Leonardo Avalos Gallery, Contemporary Art

             Alfredo Fortabat center. French Alliance (Single Exposure)

             Teatro Presidente Alvear. Tangomanía. Group Show

             Medical Circle of Vicente Lopez. Hall small format. Andreani Foundation

             Hotel Plaza Mayor - Colonia, Uruguay (Single Exposure)


1995 - National Atomic Energy Commission (Permanent exhibition)

            HEALTH Medical Circle FEMEBA Vicente López Organized by the Society

            Argentina of Artists

            TELECOM (Single Exposure)

            Chess Circle, Municipal School of Chess, "Fray Ruy Lopez de Sigura"

            Second international tournament pro-am. (Single Exposure)

             Casa de la Cultura. Municipality of Vicente López "Among Us" organized by the Argentina Society of Artists

             Art Gallery Art BA'95 Gradiva, Recoleta Cultural Center

            House of Culture of Vicente López invited to exhibit in honor of International Women's Day

 1994 - Nacionale Italian Cultural Association

             Gallery Foundation F.E.S.P. Art Hall Dyanira "Expression and presence of Argentine Art" Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

             House of Culture of Vicente Lopez. Salon Tango

             Raggio Museum

              La Barraca de Yurema. Punta del Este. Uruguay

             House of Culture of Vicente Lopez. Hall small format

 1993 - Cablevision (Single Exposure)

            Medical Circle of Vicente Lopez

            Printing - La Cuadra First Hall Spring (Special mention)

             Dimension Art Gallery. Winter Hall (First mentioned)

 1992 - Ateneo Popular Esteban Etcheverría - Salon d'Automne

             II Hall of Plastic Arts of the Argentina Association of Actors. Second mention.

 1977 - Popular Ateneo Esteban Etcheverría Salon d'Automne (First mentioned)

 1975 - Palais de Glace III Arts Competition


His works are in private collections in Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Belgium, Egypt, Barcelona and Panama

In Argentina his works are on permanent display at the National Atomic Energy Commission, Circle Chess Fray Ruy Lopez de Sigura in Alfredo Fortabat Center Alliance Francaise, O.E.A. and Argentina Embassy in Egypt.



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