BR ArtGallery
opened in Maipú 979, in 2004. Its directors were David Revale y Federico Bohnenkamp. The main gallery was located in an ancientpetit hotel” which was put in value, to serve as a worthy framework to itsexhibitions, in the traditional Retiro neighborhood.

Oriented towards contemporary art, it supports various trends in painting, sculpture and photography. In themeantime we participated in several editions ofExpotrastiendas” as well as on various projects with galleries of the country and abroad,”Gallery Night” from 2004 until the present, carrying over 200 solo and group exhibitions.

The first years we have visited more than 350 workshops and as a result of our work we gathered the group of artistswe represent today.

We also have contacts with private collectors who appreciate the proposal of the gallery.
In 2010 we moved to our new headquarters in Marcelo T. Alvear 770, always in the Retiro district, and at this stage, under theleadership of David Janin Reval and Adriana Janin went on the same line of work, facing with a lot of passion, severalprojects to achieve people recognition of our artists.

The gallery has two floors and double height walls where you can enjoy appreciating the works with pleasure.

The main objective of the gallery is to promote emerging artists, as well as consolidated authors in Argentine art.



Sebastían Elcano 406 - San Isidro (Esq. López y Planes) / Phone: +5411 - 4893-1330

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