Bendersky Isaías, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949. In 1970 he began his studies of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, theater and scenography. In 1979 he travels to Brazil to present their work at the Museum of Modern Art and Campinha Grande the core of contemporary art of Joao Pessoa; parallel research develops a naive art in northwest Brazil. In 1980 he traveled to Europe and settled in Barcelona, Spain, studying and working in that city, described at this stage, fundamental their work. On his return to Argentina in 1984, continues work uninterruptedly since 1985 belong to the group of artists in the city of Buenos Aires.


2009 Individual Exhibition: "Sobreviviendo" - B & R Art Gallery 2007

2007 Individual Exhibition: “x amoralarte” B&R Art Gallery

2006 Exhibition at the Cultural Center “Catholic University”, 20 Years of Sacred Art

2006 Individual Exhibition "Ancestral Code", B&R art gallery, Bs. As. Argentina

2004 Permanent Exhibition at Bohnenkamp &Revale art gallery.

2004   Permanent Exhibition at Rajadell art gallery

2003 Exhibits at Di Cianni Arte

2003   Exhibits at Rajadell art gallery

2001 First Prize in the IV National Chamber of Small Format, Painting, Municipality of Almirante Brown Award Sara Stabile

1998 Exhibits at VII Biennial of Sacred Art, Painting, Bishop of Morón

1996 Exhibits at VI Biennial Exhibition at Sacred Art, Painting, Bishop of Morón

1995 First Prize Painting Quinquela Martin Hall, Sivori Museum

1994 Second Prize Sivori Museum V Biennial of Sacred Art Painting, Bishop of Morón

Second Mention National Biennial of Painting and Sculpture of the Municipality of Quilmes

Mention Painting Hall JCED, San Luis

Exhibition at the Second Municipal Salon of Painting of Lomas de Zamora.

His works are in private collections in Spain, France, England, Holland, Italy, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia and Germany.


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